Workshop at ML Conference 2023. at Subotica, Serbia

Workshop at ML Conference 2023. at Subotica, Serbia

We are thrilled to share our exciting experience participating in the “zeroth” day of the ML Conference 2023, held in Palic, Serbia. Collaborating with DataKolektiv, we had the honor of delivering a captivating lecture that served as an introduction to the fascinating world of Data Science. Our primary audience consisted of high school students, and it was a joy to share insights and ignite their passion for AI and machine learning.

Conveying General Ideas about Data Science

During our lecture, we had the opportunity to delve into the fundamental concepts of Data Science, providing the students with a glimpse into this rapidly evolving field. We discussed the significance of data and how it drives innovation, as well as the powerful role of machine learning in uncovering patterns and making accurate predictions. By conveying the general ideas and principles of Data Science, we aimed to inspire the students to explore this exciting domain further and consider pursuing a career in AI.

Fostering Passion for AI

Witnessing the enthusiasm and engagement of the high school students during our talk was truly rewarding. We hope that our lecture served as a catalyst for their continued exploration of Data Science and AI. By igniting their passion for AI at an early stage, we aim to inspire them to pursue further education, attend related workshops and conferences, and ultimately become the next generation of AI innovators and thought leaders.